Halloween Venetian Laser Cut Web Mask. SKU N528

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This is a Halloween mask like no other! This Laser cut black mask is in the shape of a web with a cross on the top middle of the mask. Almond shaped eyes. This mask has beautiful jewels decorating the mask.

Hand made venetian laser cut metal mask imported from Venice, Italy. Hand selected personally from the artist in Venice. This mask would be a great mask for a wedding, or HALLOWEEN.

This mask is a beautiful black Web. This mask has black satin ribbons so that it can be worn easily. This mask has beautiful jewels that accent the mask, they are on the cross, and some jewels are at the bottom of the cross and scattered throughout the mask. This mask is light, and delicate. It is great for wearing for a long or short period of time, or would be a great display. A wonderful piece to talk about to all your friends and family.

This mask is 8 1/2" inches wide and 2 1/2" inches tall. This mask comes with a tag of authenticity.