Halloween Diavolo Devil Venetian Mask

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This is a one of a kind Halloween Diavolo Mask. JUST IN!!! Has a flat black paint face with red glitter eyes, with red glitter lips with teeth. Devil horns out of paper mache covered in red glitter!
 Hand made VENETIAN MASK  in Venice, Italyis a genuine handcrafted product of Italy. Also, this unique and hand crafted mask is designed to be hung as a wonderful wall decoration.  It will be a point of interest for all. The venetian mask has a tag of authenticity. Of course, Venice Buys purchased this mask at the artist¿s studio.

This mask has a flat black paint face with raised eyebrows. The eyes are accented with red glitter in a star like fashion. This lips are accented with red glitter and the teeth are white. The horns are made out paper Mache and covered in wonderful red glitter. Has a black macrame brade around the face of the devil. This mask is 11'' high and 7'' wide.

This mask would definitly be the talk of the room. This mask is even light enough to be worn for a period of time or you could hang on a wall for everyone to see it in all it's glory!