Gold Joker Decoro Punte Maxi Venetian Masquerade Mask SKU N488

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N488 gold
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This is a gorgeous classic Joker Mask. The face is creme with  gold and creme paint designs. The mask is perfect for wearing or make a great decoration!
This unique mask is great for a male face! The multi-color design goes with any outfit. The mask is perfect for masquerade parties, balls and a variety of other occasions! It also makes a great decoration for a home or business!

Hand made and hand decorated Venetian "Joker Decorao" mask from Venice, Italy. Traditional Venetian Joker mask is painted gold and creme, with gold paint accents. This Joker has unique designs on his face. The Tines are white and gold brocade material. There is a gold decorative trim and gold cord around the mask. Black satin ties for wearing. All of our masks come with a tag guaranteeing authenticity from Venice, Italy. Light enough to be worn all night or as a unique wall decoration or to sit in a case to show off its beauty.