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Unique blue fabric covered Colombina Venetian mask with exquisite tall  feathers. Mask is authentic paper mache from Italy.  Feathers are blue and black. Fun and unusual  mask for the Halloween season as well as for Carnival and Mardi Gras and any masquerade ball.
Original design by Fondazione , hand made and hand decorated Venetian Colombina fabric and  feather masquerade mask from Venice, Italy.   The paper mache colombina style mask has been covered with blue fabric.  Dramatic royal blue and black feathers are on the left side of the mask. Eye lids are lined with gold beads.  Notice the round blue star shape jewel on the forehead.  There is a decorative gold trim around the edges. Lavender satin ties for wearing. This mask is 7 inches wide and the feathers extend 11 inches high.  Artist's sticker is inside the mask guaranteeing its authenticity  from Venice, Italy. Light enough to be worn or as a unique wall decoration.