Blank White Volto Grezzo Venetian Masquerade Mask SKU 95

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Blank "Volto Grezzo"Venetian Mask. Great to decorate or to wear as is!!
Imported Venetian Volto masks are blank and ready for decorating. Ad your own artwork to these masks. Paint, glitter, stones, braiding or ribbons all can be found at your local arts and crafts store like Michael's. Venetian mask has black satin ribbons for wearing. Mask is 6 inches wide and 9 inches high. Imported from Venice, Italy. We can order as many as you like for classroom art projects, group projects, birthday parties etc. Each mask is made from a pressed composite material, combining paper mache and plastic. THESE MASKS ARE PRIMED AND READY TO BE DECORATED! THEY CAN BE PAINTED, DECORATED WITH HOT GLUE, GLITTER, JEWELS AND THEY CAN BE CUT AND SHAPED TO AN DESIRED SIZE.