Green Joker Lillo Venetian Masquerade Mask SKU 383jgr

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This beautiful Joker mask makes a great interior decoration for a home or restaurants, as well as a stunning mask to wear. The face is half gold and half green, with green and gold glitter and green tines.
Hand made and hand decorated Venetian "Joker Punte Lillo" mask from Venice, Italy. This is the famous half-face Joker style face with raised eyebrows, cheeks and a dimple in the chin. The face is half green and half gold, accented by gold and green glitter. The tines are green velvet like material with floral brocade fabric. An exquisite gold macrame is around the face and a gold medallion of a lion's head is on the forehead. Overall size is 13 inches by 14 inches. All of our masks come with a tag guaranteeing authentic from Venice, Italy. Light enough to be worn or as a unique wall decoration.